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  Hewes & Company takes a sensible, real-world approach to sustainability, incorporating design features and building practices that aligh with our client’s ideologies, budgets and building goals. We affordably tailor sustainable strategies to building programs by focusing on the five broad areas that canvas the development process:


Sustainable Site Planning - Proper site selection, building location, and site utilization to reduce pollution, increase green space and improve the natural environment.
Safeguarding Water and Water Efficiency - Where possible, incorporate green roofs, highly efficient landscaping techniques and water saving plumbing fixtures
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Maximize daylight, install high- efficiency HVAC equipment and install occupancy controlled lighting elements to
reduce energy use.
Conservation of Materials and Resources - Demolition recycling programs, combined with the use of locally recyclable and renewable materials helps conserve resources.
Indoor Environmental Air Quality - Improve work productivity and comfort through the use of low VOC emitting materials, adhesives and finishes in the interior design.